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Marina Berry

DOB: 16th January
Star sign: Capricorn

We asked Marina a series of probing questions. This is what she told us…

What’s your favourite comfort or snack food?
Cheeseburger, usually with extra cheese, perhaps with more cheese. In front of the TV it has to be pizza: stuffed crust with extra cheese. Do you sense a theme?!

What title would you give to your autobiography?
The Chronicles of Marina. Or “You Know What...” because it’s all I ever say.

Who is your favourite singer or group – and why?
Freddie Mercury. A true performer. I also love George Michael, what a talent he was. Growing up though, it was the Spice Girls. I had the sticker book, CDs, the platform trainers... everything. I was a hardcore fan.

What are your all-time top three movies?
Mrs Doubtfire
White Chicks
Captain Phillips

What would your spirit animal be and why?
A goat!! They always look like they’re smiling; I love the sounds they make and the way they prance about. I’m pretty sure that around 20% of my free time is spent on YouTube watching either goat or cat videos. I really should get out more.

As a child, what was your most memorable holiday and why?
One place that springs to mind is Devon. We went lots of times and Woolacombe beach is lovely.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
For a beach break: Barbados. The people are the friendliest of anywhere I’ve been, the beaches are gorgeous, there are some world class restaurants and it has a real charm. For a city break I would choose New York. I love the vibe and, of course, the shopping!

What’s the car of your dreams?
Something that parks itself. I hate parallel parking. I would sooner park 20 minutes away and walk to a venue if there’s not a huge space outside. It’s become a running joke with my friends.

Please name your top three games at SuperCasino.com
Blackjack, Roulette, and Around The World. Oh and Mr CashBack if I had to choose a 4th.

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