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Rob Lamarr

DOB: 16th February
Favourite roulette number: 5 and 25
Star sign: Aquarian

Rob’s presenting career all started in 1998 when he began co-hosting a radio show with a presenter he had met. Soon after they heard that a shopping TV station was opening up, so they went along and said “We can do a show!” It was really cheeky, but it worked and his TV career began! Rob joined SuperCasino in 2005 and loves presenting live roulette. He says “It regularly throws up surprises and no two days are ever the same. I really can't think of anything else I'd rather do.”

However, if he had to choose an alternative career it would be either as an actor or top of the list would be footballer. Rob loves the game and his usual position is goalkeeper. He regularly appears for the UK3Lions charity team which has already taken him to Russia to take part in a charity tournament and will soon take him to Africa… and it’s given him the opportunity to play in some great stadiums!

Hidden talents:
None of my talents are hidden! I like to share.

Favourite song:
Too many to name just one but they’d be hits from the 1980s and Rob even admits to having quite a few Barry Manilow records.

Favourite game on SuperCasino?
Top Gun is one of the best slots we've released this year. The free games are very enjoyable!

Ultimate four dinner party guests:
'The King' Elvis Presley, Leslie Nielsen, Jim Carrey, and Cary Grant. There'd be some great stories over dinner and some great songs from the King at the end of the evening!

What superpower would you like to have:
The ability to fly, like SuperMan. Being able to go anywhere you like would be brilliant! Plus there are no travel expenses!

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Minimum Requirements

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